I am Viviela.
And I was born to shine.
Audacious. Daring. Focused.
I’m not just lucky. I expect to get my way.
I’m the “let’s show them how it’s done” kind of woman.
Busy making plans all day...but always down to play.
Never bossy...but always the boss in the room.
I once apologized. It was to myself.
I’m the epitome of style, grace and balls.
‘Yes. That’s right, balls.
Haters, I invite them to coffee.
I’m not one to brag. Ok, maybe I am.
Especially when it comes to fashion.
A dull shoe is tragic.
They should scream quality, timelessness, wow.
But most importantly how you conquered the world.
I am a move-maker. Risk taker. Rule breaker.
And you are either with me or against me.
I’ve got one life to live.
And I choose to live it unapologetically.