I am the Viviela Woman

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I am the Viviela Woman

Regardless of an event or work setting, I am a woman who makes the best out of every situation. I am an empowered woman who channels her independence through my clothing and accessories. I'm the "let's show them how it's done" kind of woman. But, the truth is, I want every woman on this planet to feel and believe the same.

There’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with shoes. Never apologize to a man for owning a huge collection of shoes. Who gave anyone the right to stop you from loving your own pretty self?

So what if you’re busy making plans all day. It never hurts to experiment with your looks and style by choosing radical designs to celebrate both your individuality and freedom. Let my heels make you shine in any attire.

There’s nothing like a sexy pair of heels that add more confidence to you, the woman who is in charge of her life and destiny. If shoes are a big part of your wardrobe, you’re the kind of woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. But that goes true for all the ladies out there as well. Shoes reveal how you look at the world and value yourself. It’s ok to settle for flats and boots every once in a while, but there’s no substitute for a sexy pair of star-studded sexy heels to complete your overall look.

Celebrate style and grace and let your haters sulk in the background. Viviela shoes are for risk-takers and trend-setters so don’t expect everyone to appreciate your sense of style. You only live once! Why waste your life wearing dull and regular shoes?

They say when you’re in a crisis situation turn to a woman who is in high heels. I couldn’t agree more! A woman who is not afraid to wear sexy heels is a self-assured and assertive individual. I bet you never shy away from expressing your emotions to help people who need your help. Step into the Viviela world of elegance where everyone is empowered and free to make their own rules.

I am geared up to empower women who don’t want to compromise on comfort and quality. If you like to keep an eye on the latest trends, I like to satisfy some of the most demanding customers across the globe.

Bold women are not afraid of trying new designs. Viviela is for creative professionals and visionaries who like to express their sense of style and freedom through shoes, unapologetically.
I am on a mission to empower women who channel their individual uniqueness through style. What more could be a better way to flaunt your signature style than to wear a pair of sassy heels and move your way around the world.

I don’t make shoes for the woman who seeks others’ approval to dress for work and fun. My shoes are for the free-spirited woman who indulges in her own taste and preferences. Why should I live my life on other people’s terms? I was born free to make my own decisions and live my life just the way I want.

I am not hungry for compliments nor seek attention. I wear the best shoes because I deserve to and so should you. Why wear something mediocre only to please people and a society that does not conform to my rules?

Viviela is ready to unleash the inner you; a woman who is ready to conquer her fears and change her destiny; someone who is not afraid of leaving her mark on the world.

Viviela is for the socialite in every woman. It’s not a brand but a movement to empower the modern woman to live life to the fullest. Nothing should get in her way of attaining the best things in life. That’s why the Viviela shoes are nothing but the best shoes to wear, no matter how old you are.

Age is just a number for the Viviela woman. She is not afraid to dress her mind and soul. Her style speaks a different language that only her accessories can speak. That’s why her shoes translate her desires and emotions.

Viviela is all about embracing your unique identity and taking on the world with a new-found freedom. The more you fall in love yourself, the more you want to dress the way ‘you’ like.
Isn’t that great for today’s women who think twice before wearing heels to work? Why think about what you boss is going to say if you walk into that meeting room wearing you gorgeous new heels. Do you ever suggest him what to wear to work?

If you have yet to experience the exotic designs of Viviela, be ready to get into a whole new dimension. What you see is what you get!

The ultimate beauty of my shoes is that they are anything but ordinary. Every part of every piece is designed with sheer brilliance, love and a dire desire to display creativity.
You’re someone who speaks her mind and lives life on your own rules. You loathe everything normal and despise the routine life. You’re the princess and the queen of your own kingdom and don’t wait for a knight in shining armor. You are the mistress of your destiny. Just follow your heart and listen to your mind and everything else will follow.

Once you’ve joined the Viviela movement, the rest is all history. You will never go back to wearing your old boring sneakers. And why would you? Why hide behind ordinary shoes when you can shine in elegant and classy heels?
Be confident. Be the epitome of style and grace. Be the Viviela Woman!